Hand Fasting

Hand Fasting is a delightful ancient ceremony which was first recorded over 4500 years ago and was the usual way, long before religion was brought into marriage, for a couple to declare that they were now an exclusive couple.

For the majority of the population wedding rings were a luxury only the super rich could afford so a simple cord or ribbon was used to bind the couple together in wedlock.

Sometimes multiple choices of colour are picked, each colour representing a specific and special meaning, such as red for passion, strength, lust & fertility or yellow for charm, joy, confidence and balance.  These ribbons can be woven or plaited together before being used in the ceremony.  Also, very appropriately for any couple with Celtic ancestors, the family tartan is also a fabulous choice, particularly when used as part of the Hand Fasting in a Vow Renewal ceremony.  The choice is extensive and holds a deep personal symbolism for the couple.

These ribbons are then yours to keep as a beautiful keepsake from your very special day and, if you wish, tied around you’re wedding certificate for safe keeping.