Wedding Celebrant For Hire!

Wedding Celebrant for Hire!

Did you know there’s a third option when you marry?  If a church wedding or a quick visit to the Registrar is not how you imagined your wedding ceremony, you now have an alternative choice, a Celebrant led wedding ceremony!

Allow me to introduce you to Patricia Proudfoot, your local Independent Celebrant based in Prestwich, Manchester.  Patricia said, “I have personally been married twice!  Once in a Registry Office and once by a Registrar in a hotel.  If I had known about celebrants then, I would definitely have opted for a Celebrant Led Wedding!  After both registrar led services I felt rather flat as the ceremony was a “repeat after me” scenario, but what I found most impersonal, was that we had never met the registrar before our wedding!  It felt like it was “just another day at the office” for them!  It really didn’t feel meaningful or truly personal to us!

How does a celebrant help you to have your day your way?  Couples choosing the celebrant option would book the fundamental legal administration ceremony with the registrar in the usual way.  Usually this is held any day prior to the Celebrant Led Ceremony.  The couple marrying attend with their two chosen witnesses but do not exchange wedding rings or vows, but you will now be legally married!  Some couples do this as part of the preparations and go along in jeans and t-shirts, no need to get dressed up, unless that is what you want! 

So how can Patricia make your ceremony truly personal, unique and the dream wedding celebration you had hoped for?  “The most important part of your wedding day is you, the couple marrying and the choices are all yours!”  Patricia said.  “Think about your ceremony, what you want and how to achieve it.  A celebrant creates a totally bespoke ceremony which can include your love story, your personally written vows and elements or rituals from any background, all seamlessly interwoven throughout the ceremony to reflect your personal style.  Additionally you have far greater choice of wedding venue as your ceremony can be held where ever you wish!  In a wood, on a beach, on top of a mountain, your own back garden, inside a beautiful hotel or building of your choice!    Wether you are a romantic, unconventional or boho bride, the options are endless! 

After you book Patricia she meets with the couple to get to know them and begin to shape their  unique wedding ceremony around them and whoever they wish to be part of their ceremony.  “It’s quite usual for children from blended families to have a role in the ceremony and this can be so important when bringing two new families together.”  If you are a shy couple and would rather keep it all low key, small and intimate that’s all good too!  Not everyone wants a big splash!

For a unique, bespoke and personal wedding ceremony celebration please contact Patricia Proudfoot. Mobile: 07453980766 or email:    4th March 2019

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